By working collaboratively with advisors like you, we support your clients in creating personalized giving plans that make a positive impact in our community, maximize their tax savings and lighten administrative burdens.

When to team up with us

Here are a few telltale signs a client might benefit from our services:

Sale of a Business

Preserving an Estate

Planned Giving

Highly Appreciated Stock

An Alternative to a Private Foundation

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Grantmaking for impact

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Distribution of Substantial IRA/401K Assets


Your clients have funds for other important goals like retirement and education. Why not one for giving? You can help your clients start giving with maximum impact today in three easy steps:


Help your clients pick the right fund

We offer five options to fit your client’s giving strategy.

Types of Funds


Choose how to invest your client’s gift

Investment pools are designed to help meet your client’s philanthropic goals.

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Choose what to give and when

Nearly any asset can be converted into good — for today, or tomorrow.

Types of Gifts


Advisor-Managed Funds

We offer opportunities for wealth managers to continue to manage the assets of their clients. This allows donors to retain the relationship with the investment advisor while allowing our staff to do what they do best — administer the charitable side of the fund.

  • Fund minimum of $250,000 to $500,000; specific total dependent on long-term plan

Support Fee

Our Support Fee enables us to provide additional support and continue our work to promote a vibrant community. This work includes fund management, investment oversight, fund holder education, and research into impactful grantmaking.

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Ready to open a fund?

In five simple steps, your client can begin their charitable journey with WF.

Meghan Doyle
Meghan Doyle

Director of Philanthropy

Email Meghan 316.264.4880
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Let’s address community needs and make Wichita a better place, together.

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