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You have a vision for making a difference in the community; we offer a variety of charitable funds focused on improving quality of life in Wichita. We start with your ideas and work hand-in-hand with you to roadmap an effective, individualized giving platform that is personally fulfilling and impactful.


Ready to put your ideas into action? Establish a fund in five simple steps.


Choose the right fund for you

For your philanthropic mission, how you give is just as important as how much. We offer five types of funds to fit any giving strategy.

Types of Funds


Decide what type of gift you will make

We accept a variety of assets – both current and through deferred giving, including cash, real estate, wills, revocable trusts and much more.

Types of Giving


Determine the longevity of your gift

Determine whether your gift (with the exception of a Fund for Wichita gift) will be endowed or non-endowed. We’re here to help you decide whether you want the gift to last forever or if your intention is to make an immediate, yet short-term impact.

  • An endowment means WF invests the capital and only the interest generated from the investment is used to issue grants. The initial investment is never touched, ensuring that your gift is a permanent source of funding for our community.
  • A non-endowed fund utilizes your donated capital in its entirety.


Create a fund agreement

Outline your fund details such as the name, purpose and classification through our fund agreement forms.

Sample Fund Agreements


Contact our staff

Connect with us to explore your charitable and financial goals and review these steps. Our team can recommend the best giving vehicle for you.

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Supporting Fund Documents

Investment Strategy

 We offer investment options to match your giving goals and provide clear, transparent information about our financial position.

View Investment Options

Support Fee

Our Support Fee enables us to provide additional support to fund holders and continue our work to promote a vibrant community. This work includes fund management, investment oversight, donor and nonprofit education, and research into impactful grant-making.

Charitable Funds
$10,000 to $50,000 2.0%
$50,000 to $250,000 1.5%
$250,001 to $2,500,000 1.0%
$2,500,001 to $5,000,000 0.75%
 $5,000,001 to $10,000,000 0.50%
$10,000,001 to $25,000,000 0.35%
$25,000,001 + above 0.25%

Note: Charitable Funds below $10,000 = $200 fee

Agency Funds
$10,000 to $50,000 1.0%
$50,001 to $250,000 0.5%
$250,001 + above 0.25%

Note: Agency Funds below $10,000 = $100 fee quarterly

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