An agency fund at the Wichita Foundation allows your charitable organization to receive and utilize an annual financial distribution as determined by your Board of Directors.

Advantages of an Agency Fund at Wichita Foundation

Discover the Wichita Foundation experience and the benefits of partnering with us:

Investment Management

Agency funds are placed into our investment pools, relieving you from the management of the invested funds.

Increased Visibility

Agency funds are featured in our publications, which offers donors the opportunity to support your organization.

Cost-Efficient Administration

We process all gift acknowledgements and provide your organization with quarterly statements of fund activity.

Acceptance of Assets

We accept a variety of assets – both current and through planned giving.

Planned Giving Services

We administer gifts through planned giving, including direct gifts to agency funds.

Join our giving community

More than 50 nonprofits have established agency funds at WF.


Ready to put your ideas into action? In three simple steps, your organization can begin its charitable journey with the Wichita Foundation.


Decide on investment amount

We accept a variety of assets – both current and through planned giving – including cash, real estate, wills and revocable trusts, and much more. Agency funds can be established with a minimum gift of $10,000.

View types of gifts


Determine the longevity of the fund

An agency fund can be endowed or non-endowed.

An endowment means WF invests the capital and provides your organization with annual income from the fund, dependent upon investment market performance. The initial investment remains un-touched, ensuring that your gift is a permanent source of funding for your organization to use according to your guidelines. View Agency Endowed Agreement

A non-endowed fund utilizes your donated capital in its entirety. It does not generate interest over time because it is not incorporated into one of our investment pools. When all of the capital has been administered according to your guidelines, the fund ceases to exist. View Agency Non-Endowed Agreement


Contact our staff

Once your organization has reviewed a sample fund agreement, contact us. We look forward to exploring the possibility of establishing an agency fund with your organization at the Wichita Foundation.


Sample Fund Agreements

Supporting documents

Support Fee

Our Support Fee enables us to provide additional assistance to fund holders and continue our work to promote a vibrant community. This includes fund management, investment oversight, donor and nonprofit education, and research into impactful grantmaking.

Agency Funds
$10,000 to $50,000 1.0%
$50,001 to $250,000 0.5%
$250,001 + above 0.25%

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