In 2021, we embraced a new strategic framework to guide our work into the future – a five-year roadmap that requires us to be bold, inclusive and responsive to the needs in our community. Our framework is a process pioneered by WF Board of Directors and staff with guidance from our facilitating partners, Ekstrom Alley Clontz & Associates

By 2025, we have our sights set to holistically grow our charitable muscle with enduring philanthropy for all who call Wichita home. Now, with recharged priorities, we're ready to accelerate our work into overdrive.

Our strategic vision is to…

Ignite Wichitans to cultivate community transformation infused with thoughtful philanthropy

What’s next?

These four strategic priorities will chart a path for our leadership, grant making and community support for the next five years:

Reenergize Giving
Reimagine Philanthropy
Reengage Generosity
Remake Systems

Flip through Part I and II of our Strategic Framework above to learn how you can join us to build a better Wichita. 

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Courtney Bengtson
Courtney Bengtson

Chief Strategy Officer

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