March 21, 2022 | Stories

An online movement known as the #BettyWhiteChallenge honored late TV icon and animal rights activist Betty White. This viral campaign encouraged a meaningful act: donate to animal rescues or shelters on January 17, which would have been Betty’s 100th birthday.  

Dr. Alice White, a mother of 14 cats and a WF fund holder, joined the nation to support Betty’s cherished cause. With the Alice White Fund for Dog and Cat Welfare at WF, Dr. White gifted a total of $3,000 to three local charities – Kansas Humane Society, Beauties and Beasts, and Friends of Feral Felines (FOFKS). Each organization received a $1,000 grant.

“The beauty of animal welfare is that anyone can celebrate the cause,” said Dr. White. “Working in partnership with WF, I am able to use my dollars to leverage support for organizations that align with my beliefs and create a brighter place for animals in our community.”
WF Director of Nonprofit and Donor Connections James Woods knew of Dr. White's love for furry friends and was able to make the connection to honor both Betty and Dr. White’s commitment to animals. Dr. White’s gifts also spurred community members and WF fund holders to contribute.

"The grant award we received during the Betty White Challenge from the Alice White Fund for Dog and Cat Welfare at WF came at an opportune time for FOFKS as we head into Spring and kitten season," said Friends of Feral Felines Treasurer Kimberly Sharp.

Results of the challenge drummed up more than donations. It created attention for animal welfare organizations and their mission to find homes or care for animals who come through the shelter doors. The Kansas Humane Society alone received more than $15,000 in that one day.

“I hope the Betty White Challenge left a positive impression on everyone who participated and showed them how much we can accomplish to help animals when we all work together,” said Kansas Humane Society Director of Marketing and Communications Ericka Goering.

WF fund holder Dr. Alice White (left) and puppy at the Kansas Humane Society (right)

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