TMBP Media to amplify representation within the Black community with Info Challenge Support

January 17, 2024 | Stories

The Millennial Black Professor (TMBP) Media is reimagining the way Wichita consumes local news. The information outlet, founded by Dr. Latasha Eley Kelly, was created to amplify representation, cultivate perspective and empower the community. Readers will encounter captivating stories of community members, leaders and entrepreneurs embedded in the Black community.

"Part of our mission is to amplify representation because there is representation here in Wichita,” said Dr. Eley Kelly. “However, sometimes there are gaps in the consistency with which we receive information and stories and highlights about not just the negative that's going on in the underrepresented and underserved communities–but the triumphs, the wins, the celebrations." 

Dr. Eley Kelly, a college professor and qualitative researcher, embarked on storytelling two years ago after relocating to Wichita from Newport News, Virginia. Recognizing the untold stories of locals, she seized the opportunity to create an outlet that honors meaningful conversations and cultural experiences to promote understanding and unity within our society.  

“The public benefit is in nurturing a Wichita that is inclusive, informed, and united in its diversity and dedication to equity for its residents,” said Dr. Eley Kelly.

Behind the scenes, the Wichita Foundation (WF) and Tiny News Collective (TNC) are supporting TMBP Media’s journey, where the resources provided by TNC extend beyond financial support. Dr. Eley Kelly looks forward to learning more about structuring a newsroom and strategically planning for the continued growth of TMBP Media in the years ahead.

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The Info Challenge, part of Press Forward Wichita at the Wichita Foundation, is a call for independent news ventures to address information gaps in underserved communities. Three information outlets were selected in late 2023 to receive a $30,000 gift to jumpstart their operations plus a two-year membership to Tiny News Collective to further enhance their resources and network.

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