Planeta Venus informs Latino community with Info Challenge support

January 16, 2024 | Stories

Planeta Venus, a bilingual digital and print media resource published by AB&C Bilingual Resources, is serving as a crucial bridge for English and Spanish-speaking communities in Wichita. Its founder, Claudia Amaro, believes that when community members have fair access to news and information, they can make better-informed decisions and actively participate in civic matters.

Wichita's growing Spanish-speaking population fueled Amaro's news and information journey. As a Wichita resident for over two decades, she has witnessed the growth of our city’s Latino community. With 17.6% of Wichita's residents identifying as Hispanic or Latino and 8.31% speaking Spanish at home (52,346 people), the cultural tapestry of Wichita played a pivotal role in shaping Planeta Venus.

"Writing for Latinos and writing about Latinos are two different things,” said Amaro. “We strive to do both, not just from our perspective but by actively listening to our community. This fosters trust and encourages them to share their stories with us."

When Planeta Venus launched before the pandemic, it relied heavily on social media as a no-cost way to disseminate timely information. Amaro started out resharing posts from other news outlets and translated the information to meet the needs of the Spanish community. Now, Planeta Venus is shifting its focus to deliver original news coverage designed for Spanish-speaking residents while also making it accessible for English speakers. 

Amaro says that members from her community have joked that they had to brush up on their Spanish reading now that they finally have something in Spanish they look forward to reading.

Her two-year membership with Tiny News Collective will provide her with crucial resources and advice on maintaining her publication. One of her goals is to hire newswriters and a sales team, which will enhance the publication's capacity to cover stories across Wichita.

"It's incredible to collaborate with other newsrooms in the community I love," said Amaro. "I feel like all our past work is finally paying off. Sometimes, you feel unseen or like you’re not doing enough on this journey. But when things like this happen, it feels like someone is watching and valuing the work we're doing in our community."

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The Info Challenge, part of Press Forward Wichita at the Wichita Foundation, is a call for independent news ventures to address information gaps in underserved communities. Three information outlets were selected in late 2023 to receive a $30,000 gift to jumpstart their operations plus a two-year membership to Tiny News Collective to further enhance their resources and network.

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