Plan for your year-end giving

December 05, 2023 | Stories

As we approach the end of 2023, many of our generous partners wish to make gifts and grants before the year ends. Mark your calendars with these critical deadlines to complete all your gifts and grants intended for 2023.

View a printable PDF of these dates.


2023 dates to remember

Donor suggestion forms | Wednesday, December 20
•  Submit your grant requests via our Donor Portal or email your grant recommendation forms to This will guarantee grants are sent to the specified organizations by year end.

Stock gifts | Friday, December 22
•  Submit gifts of appreciated stock to the WF Gift Account. 

Wire transfers of cash | Tuesday, December 26
•  Send in your wire transfers of cash in time for us to receive them.

Contribution checks | Saturday, December 30
•  Make sure contribution checks via mail are postmarked on or before this date.

Tips for year-end giving
  • Contribute from your IRA – There are a number of tax advantages to make retirement plan assets or life insurance work for you and causes you support (Note: IRAs cannot be distributed to a donor advised fund).
  • Give now, decide later – Claim a deduction on contributions to a fund now, and distribute the gift later.
  • Talk to your advisor – Understand the impact on your taxes and estate by consulting with your advisor.
  • Let WF do the legwork – We’ll help you stay informed of the organizations you support. Need ideas on where to give? View the list of featured funds, such as Field of Interest Funds, that accept online donations. You can also contact with questions on local nonprofit needs. 

Ready to make a gift?
Contact or call our office at 316.264.4880. Our office will be closed on December 30 and 31, but you can contact Shelly Prichard at 316.250.6345 to assist with your year-end giving.

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