September 29, 2022 | Stories

This fall, WCF is launching a new platform, CommunitySuite, to provide even greater ease of use and interaction for fund holders and nonprofit partners. Please keep a close eye on your email inbox for details about the new features, but for now, make note of critical information before the launch: 

 If you are a WCF fund holder 

  • Donor Portal/Grant Processing Downtime – In mid-October, DonorCentral, our current online program, will no longer be available. 
  • New portal launch – In late November, your new Donor Portal will be ready. The Portal includes automatic account registration, enrollment to electronic statements and access to a tutorial/guide for using the portal. 
  • Contact our Director of Philanthropy, Meghan Doyle, to make grants from your fund during the migration or questions about upcoming changes. 

If you are a nonprofit  
Please note: our application process has changed. Upon creating an account, the Grant Portal gives you access to our open funding opportunities. We strongly encourage applicants to review the User Guide and watch tutorial videos prior to applying. 

Contact our Director of Nonprofit & Donor Connections, James Woods, for questions 

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