We take investing your charitable dollars seriously. WCF works in step with our locally based Investment Committee and our national consultant, the Atlanta Consulting Group. Together, we have devised a pool of investment options and strategies for different levels of risk tolerance and investment time horizons, making sure we meet your charitable objectives.

Investment Pools

Each pool of funds that we offer is tailored to suit a specific investment strategy. Our fund establishment advisors will counsel you to choose a fund that appropriately reflects the integrity of your legacy.

investment options table
Investment Options Money Market Pool Fixed Income Pool Balanced Pool Equity Pool
Asset Allocation Targets 100% Money
Market Funds
100% Global
Fixed Income
52% Global Equities,
25% Global
Fixed Income,
5% Real Assets,
14% Diversifying
Strategies, 4% Cash
90% Global Equities, 10% Real Assets
Investment Objective 0 - 2 Years 2 - 5 Years > 5 Years > 5 Years
Risk Low Low - Moderate Moderate - High High
Appropriate Fund Lifespan 0 - 2 Years 2 - 5 Years > 5 Years > 5 Years
Fund Advisor N / A ACG ACG ACG
Spending Policy

Please review our spending policy for specific details about the Foundation’s portfolio, oversight and more. The Board may amend this Policy at any time, and the Policy, as so amended, shall then apply to all endowment Funds, whether created before or after such amendment. This Policy shall apply to endowment Funds existing on July 1, 2008, as well as to Funds thereafter created.

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We value transparency with our finances

Review our investment summary and financial statements for an overview of the Foundation’s stewardship of community funds.

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For all financial requests, please contact our Director of Accounting.

Christina Valdois
Christina Valdois

Director of Accounting

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